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  • If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, your primary concern should be your health, and returning to your pre-accident status. It is extremely important to seek immediate medical treatment, not only for your health, but also to help enhance the value of your claim. When someone has been injured, they ordinarily contact ICBC at once after the accident, when they possibly could not be in the proper frame of mind. They might make a mistake in what they tell ICBC, which might come back to haunt them. You could also forget to mention something important, which might be problematic later on. Some injured people could feel that they have to sign a statement on how the accident happened. You do not have to do so. Having a plaintiff ICBC lawyer on your side can help for several reasons: * Your legal rights will be protected. This can include meeting particular deadlines and time limits imposed by law. * Your plaintiff ICBC lawyer will explain to you what numerous things you can claim for. Many people are unaware of many of the numerous components that make up an injury claim. There is more to your claim than compensation for pain and suffering, and economic loss. Because of this, unrepresented claimants often do not receive proper and fair compensation for their injuries. * Your plaintiff ICBC lawyer will explain what your legal obligations are. For example, you must take active rehabilitative steps. * Your plaintiff ICBC lawyer will take stress and inconvenience out of your life by dealing with ICBC on your behalf. To several people, this is a very important benefit to having an plaintiff ICBC lawyer on their side. * The worth of your claim will be maximized by your plaintiff ICBC lawyer using their skill and experience. Remember to first seek medical attention if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Your subsequent step should be to contact a plaintiff ICBC lawyer for a free consultation. It may be the best financial decision you ever make.   Glenn Veale is a plaintiff ICBC lawyer […]

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    CORPUS CHRISTI – There have been no reports of ice hazards on local roads, but we did find evidence of just how cold it got this morning. Out along I-37 and Violet Road we found some road signs with icicles hanging off them. It’s not something we’re used to seeing in this part of South Texas. While they may be pretty to look at you sure don’t want to be caught driving on ice. Slick roads contributed to a rollover accident along Interstate 37 near McKenzie Road. The driver of a pickup says she was headed to work when an 18-wheeler cut her off and she ended up rolling her truck several times. She was wearing a seatbelt and will be alright. Once medics checked her over she got a ride to work. TxDOT and Corpus Christi police have been monitoring our roads all morning and so far there haven’t been any closures. They do remind everyone, however, that you do need to slow it down on the wet roads. TxDOT crews laid out sand along the Harbor Bridge this morning, just in case. It got cold enough this morning for ice to form on some cars across in Portland. Just enough for folks to notice when they came outside to warm up their cars. Most ran back inside right afterwards to avoid the bitter cold. Postal workers don’t have a choice in the matter. They’re prepared for inclement weather. One worker told us this is the first time he’s worn gloves in a long time. As for the ice, there was enough moisture and bitter cold for chunks of ice to form on the mast of our live truck at Whataburger field this morning. Permalink| Comments

  • About 120 volunteers braved the mist and cold Saturday at Cole Park as they joined with volunteers across the Coastal Bend for the Adopt-A-Beach program’s Winter Beach Cleanup. Corpus Christi Caller Times Stories: News

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    KINGSVILLE – Driver fatigue could have been a factor in an early morning accident near Kingsville The accident occurred a little after 7 a.m. on State Highway 141 West of Kingsville. According to state troopers at the scene, a male driving eastbound on the highway apparently fell asleep at the wheel veering off onto oncoming traffic and colliding head-on with a van traveling the opposite direction. A 24-year-old woman was the driver of the van. The extent of the injuries sustained by either driver is still unknown. One person was air lifted to Spohn Memorial Hospital in Corpus Christi. Permalink| Comments

  • The Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra performed for over 2,200 fourth and fifth graders during the annual Patricia Furley Education Concert on Friday. Corpus Christi Caller Times Stories: News

  • Local dignitaries and business executives turned out Friday to the shores of the LaQuinta Channel to mark completion of the first and most costly stage of channel dredging. Corpus Christi Caller Times Stories: News

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    ROBSTOWN – The northbound lanes of Highway 77 at County Road 44 are closed after an 18-wheeler crashed over the side of the overpass. A photo sent in by a viewer shows the cab of the truck on the ground and the trailer partially on the overpass. The driver was not injured. A wrecker service is on the way. Plus, an environmental cleanup company wil have to cleanup spilled fuel.   Permalink| Comments

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